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Villas Pico Bonito located in the beautiful Cangrejal River Valley is an amazing place. Read one of our TripAdvisor reviews.

It’s 5 star rating is absolutely valid.
I have been to Rio Vista Bar / Villas Pico Bonita and I can say it’s a fricking fairy tail of an experience – period.
It is simply magical.
It’s set right on the river about a 20 minute drive from La Ceiba Honduras.
The owner is a Brit or a South African guy (named Richard) who does absolutely everything to make you completely welcome and your experience complete nirvana. He has this place manicured to perfection. It is Disneyland but 100% authentic jungle and nothing but pure paradise.
The pool is amazing – an infinity pool overlooking the river below in an unpretentious casually elegant setting that will blow you away. I could have spent forever laying in that soothing water looking out at the very best of what God created, but there was simply too much to take in…I had to try to experience it all.
The bar is killer and gorgeously appointed with tropical drinks and a bartender that almost seemed to be able to anticipate our every need and deliver drinks that were near perfection – every time. The setting is spectacular. The rooms are a luxurious Swiss family Robinson- styled paradise with comfortable beds and super elegant jungle-themed comfort to perfection.
The food was fantastic.
Near the end of our stay, my son was talking with the owner telling him we couldn’t wait for College football season for the family tailgating experience as it was one of my son’s favorite times of year – and he was looking forward to playing corn-hole again since it had been about a year.
The owner said, “Corn-hole? You enjoy that game? Well we can get that set up for you here to practice for the upcoming season”. WHAM!!! Within 10 minutes, the staff set up a corn-hole game that had LED lights on the holes and we had a tournament right then and there.
YES- It was like Fantasy Island (the old TV show), but real.
This was the best experience and the best value of any place on this planet I have ever stayed. I have been to Mexico, Belize, Hawaii, all over the Caribbean, Fiji, China, Europe, Roatan, Costa Rica, Peru, etc. etc. and this was the very best.
You absolutely will be thanking me if you go to this place.
It is heaven on earth.

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