Why Visit the Villas at Pico Bonito

We love have our guests write reviews of their stays here.  Check out this review on Travel a Lut. Or just read some of the best excepts below.

The Location of Villas Pico Bonito

Jungle Eco Resort – Riverside Location With Great Jungle Cliff Views…

Set in the beautiful Honduran jungle, Villas Pico Bonito offer the perfect relaxing escape with a difference!  Your jungle home away from home.

The view from here is absolutely amazing. Mountains full of vegetation are right in front of you, just like a wild river full of rocks. Toucans are saying hi around 5pm and now and then you see some people rafting by. In the early morning the mountains are still covered in a blanket of mist, which is pretty magical to see.

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In the afternoon you can experience different jungle life.

In the afternoon the mountains are really green, because of the sun. The sound of the wild river, the singing of the birds and the loud noise of the insects are making you feel alive. 

Maaike Lut – Travel a Lut

We have our own restaurant or you can cook you own food, most of our rooms have full kitchens.

You can have lunch or dinner at the restaurant with a nice view over the river. The restaurant looks really beautiful with wood everywhere. You can also buy some food at the supermarket and cook a meal in your apartment.

Maaike Lut – Travel a Lut

Hang out at the Pool

The infinity pool is located in the centre of Villas Pico Bonito and from here you have an awesome view over the mountains and the river. It’s definitely not a punishment to lay in the pool all day. 

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Get a Cold One at the Rio Vista Bar

Or you can order a cocktail and hang out by the bar. There is plenty of room to relax and do nothing. 

Maaike Lut – Travel a Lut

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