The Magnificent El Bejuco Waterfall

Photo Jeffrey Welcker

One of the most popular hikes from the Villas is to La Cascada El Bejuco, approximately a 4 hour round trip. It takes you across a pedestrian suspension bridge into the famous Pico Bonito Parque National.

Once into the jungle you experience the true rain forest. Above you the thick canopy partially blocks the sun. Every twist and turn you see something new and interesting, onward and upward, you reach the foot of the falls. Yes it is a strenuous hike and feels so good to be cooled by the spray of the cascading water. On the return journey stop at any of the small falls to cool off.

Back across the bridge for the short walk back to the Villas to enjoy a swim in the magnificent infinity pool. Enjoy a delicious drink while you check out the amazing views of where you have just come from! The waterfall is right in front of the Villas and is visible from many of the homes.

The waterfall hike, just one of the many activities available to you during your visit to Villas Pico Bonito.

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