Time: 3~4 hours. $60 per person

Your horse will take you through Jungle villages located between two national parks. You will learn about these villages and the Hondurans who live there, all the while chatting with your local guide. Along the way, take a cooling swim in a spectacular natural pool. Taking this ride will help a sustainable tourism project to progress. A unique way to explore nature in the gorgeous Cangrejal River valley and get to know the local culture.

The ride starts as you meet your guide and the horses. The horses live here in the jungle and love to take you out on the trails to discover the valley with its beautiful views and authentic small villages. Your guide will help you get ready for the ride. We leave and head further up into the valley through the villages of El Naranjo and Las Mangas. Once through, we leave the horses in a nice shady spot and meet up with a young, well-trained nature guide from the village. He or she will take us on a very interesting little hike, pointing out many plants, trees and possibly animals along the way.

For a refreshing break, we stop at an inviting, crystal clear, natural pool along a hidden jungle river for a cool swim and to take in the breathtaking scenery. Perfect time to cool off and enjoy a tasty picnic lunch.

We part with our nature guide and return to our refreshed horses who are waiting with great patience and keen to show us more incredible views of the valley and the Cangrejal River on our ride back through the villages and home.

Please bring proper shoes, long trousers, insect repellant, swimsuit or shorts. Got your own camera, water bottle? – bring them.

Horseback Riding in the Cangrejal Valley