The Rio Cangrejal

This beautiful river is one of the most exciting adventure rivers in Central America. Renowned for its technicality, it is home to Kayakers and Rafters from around the world. At times tranquil or at others raging, this beautiful and picturesque river never loses its allure. The section that encompasses the Villas is special as it allows easy access to those who wish to swim. Further up the Cangrejal are amazing class 4 and 5 rapids calling for the more adventurous.

This short video shows her in all stages!

Rafting the Rio Cangrejal – Half Day

Tiempo: Aproximadamente 4 horas

  • Low-Medium flows – a ‘half and half’ consisting and a half river hike and half rafting session down the main gorge of class III-IV rapids. The river hike involves some gentle climbing through and around the big boulders that surround the river bed into the Pico Bonito National Park, some cliff jumping and floating down some of the milder rapids.
  • Medium flows – a full rafting session through the main gorge and on down the river to some more rapids and cliff jumps if you dare.
  • High flows – the trip runs a lot faster so we run the lower section twice from the bottom of the main gorge section. Some huge flows and a much faster flow to get your adrenaline going.

Traiga por favor: cortocircuitos, camiseta, sandalias del río o zapatos del tenis, crema del sol.

Natación Agua Blanca / Caminata por el Río

Time: 3 – 4 hrs

This tour is usually done when the river is too low for continuous rafting. White water river swimming, jumping, sliding and floating between giant boulders in warm water (no wetsuits!).  You will travel through the jungle in and around the Rio Cangrejal, in the Pico Bonito National Park.  The start is easy, we float through small waves between giant rocks and surf alongside house-size boulders. Later on we jump off cliffs, slide down boulders and float through friendly Class II rapids, feet first in our life jackets and helmets. You might not want to do a jump, slide or rapid? No problem, your guide will show you an alternative route.

Por favor traiga: Shorts o traje de baño, camiseta, sandalias de río o tenis, crema solar.

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