Time: 5 hrs $60 per person inc tax

Experience nature, spectacular views, and Jungle villages via mountain bike! To start, we take an exceptional 4×4 ride up the Cangrejal River Valley, along the fringe of Pico Bonito National Park. On this trip we admire inspiring views, experience how locals live. This is a great way for those who want to experience other cultures!

At the end of the road, we arrive in Urraco, a village almost at the Peak of the Gracias A Dios Mountain Range, where the biking adventure begins. We ride downhill, downstream, and down the valley to the wood-cutter village of Urraco and Toncontin and then to Yaruca, a small farming village. After Yaruca, we cross the bridge where the three rivers meet and make our way towards the mountains. We might head to La Colorada, depending on the water level of the Rio Viejo, a truly authentic village with small adobe and thatched-roof houses and super friendly people.

In this area we see are 61 mounds cloaking the ancient temples, not yet excavated by the worlds archeologists. Upon studying the majesty and mystique, it is back on down to where we started in the morning.

Please bring: tennis shoes, shorts, sun cream, insect repellent, sun hat/cap, swim suit. Got your own water bottle, camera or daypack? Bring it! FYI: We can customize MTB trips so just let us know what you are interested in doing or seeing.