Time: 8 hours Cost: $60 per person including transportation. 2 person minimum.

On a clear day you can see Cayos Cochinos, these small islands are visible to the east-northeast of La Ceiba. The Cayos are made up of two islands as well as a series of smaller keys. Cayos Cochinos is National Marine Park in Honduras and is protected by law. Of the two small islands, Cochino Grande and Cochino Pequeño, only the larger one is inhabited. There is a very nice dive resort, called Plantation Beach Resort located here. On Cochino Pequeño there is a small station of scientists and park rangers, and they strictly control the park. Although normally difficult to get to and very dependent on good weather, Cayos Cochinos is a worthwhile trip.

To begin your trip we arrange for a driver to take you to Sambo Creek where you will board a small boat or Panga for the 1 hour trip to the Cayos. Once there you will receive instruction from park ranger on how to treat the area properly and then your captain will give you your equipment and off you go snorkling. On the way home he will give you a tour around the islands and back to Sambo Creek.

Please bring: Shorts, T-shirt, light shoes, sun cream, sun hat, insect repellent and your camera.