Time 5 hours $65 per person inc tax. Includes Hot Springs

The purpose of these tours is to allow you to have a thrilling adventure while gliding through the tree tops in a dense jungle and getting a “bird’s eye” perspective of life in the tropical rain forest.
Located in Sambo Creek. This zip line has many cables and is one of the longest in Honduras. One of the lines is half a mile long and is where faster speeds are achieved. We organize a driver to take you to Sambo Creek. Once there these zip lines are accessed along a steep road where your driver will take you to the first line at the top of the mountain through the dense tropical rain forest. Once there you will glide down the first of 18 different cables that will eventually bring you close to the highway once again.

You may want to make a day of it and visit Glenda’s paradise and Hot Springs. A very pleasant setting with natural hot water springs at about 40 degrees centigrade (105 Fahrenheit). Although the facilities are limited, there is also a cold water pool, an area to hang your hammock and limited food and drinks on premises. Well worth the trip to experience these crystal clear soothing waters that will help you relax your muscles. Glenda’s Paradise is open daily.

After that head on down to Sambo Creek and the great restaurants there selling Garifuna food and check out the locals dancing Punta to fast paced music!

Please bring: Shorts, T-shirt, light shoes, sun cream, sun hat, insect repellent and your camera.

Canopy Tour with zip line and hot springs